Day Zero

The day is May 5, 2017. Katie and I have decided on the business name: Bedrock Health Solutions. We purchased the domain and did a white board session laying out all that could happen and what will happen next. Very exciting! This is day zero. That’s kind of a cop out because I’ve been working on this for a long time… years. But today was different. Katie and I got ourselves on the same page and have a plan. We are both in, we are both excited, and we both bring unique skills to the table to make this happen. Our goal is to provide two services to the exercise industry: online exercise training and corporate wellness programs to Dane County businesses. We believe we are uniquely positioned to do this successfully.

Getting a business started is very hard. I’ve been obsessed with starting one for many years and I’ve circled the wagons, been in a holding patter for way too long. I haven’t done anything yet (zero dollars earned means no business is happening) but I’m documenting all of this because I’m confident it will be successful and will be my future and I want two things to come of this process: (1) I want to look back on as many of the details, successes and failures, as possible and (2) I want to provide a story for businesses that come after me to see what I did and be inspired and equipped to do it themselves. So I’ll be documenting as much as I can. I have this journal which will take the best stuff and make it to the blog. I’m doing my best to keep images to support the stories.

Day zero. Bedrock is just like Apple, Ford, BlastCraft, Flannel, Durkin Enterprises, and Nike – it started from nothing, built from the ground up by a dream, a vision, hard work, failures, learning and sharing. Welcome to Bedrock Health Solutions.

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