Hello World: Installing WordPress

Total geek-post, but installing WordPress on a new project feels like a right of passage to me. At this point if you don’t have a great web presence then you don’t exist. I’ve been on WordPress for over a decade and I truly appreciate the simplicity and full customization it offers. But of course it’s not about the software, it’s about the content. Style matters, but content is king.

I installed Editorial because I love how it looks for a magazine layout. My vision is to have all the mediums for Bedrock: blog, vlog, podcast, newsletter and all the social channels. A business at scale is easier than ever. And Bedrock is where every successful business once was. At one point Apple, Nike, Flannel, BlastCraft, and Durkin Enterprises were right were I am: day 1.

Creating content is the name of the game. The property (Bedrockhealth.co) is in place and now it’s up to me to tell the health and fitness story.

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