Fascinated with Video

Thinking through the launch of a new health and fitness business is exciting because I know all the components I need and want to have. The problem is that it can very quickly become overwhelming – just so much to do! I’m looking through the lens of the consumer, the client, the potential client. In this industry I believe video is an absolute essential. It serves two main purposes. First it catches the viewer’s attention because video is just easier to consume that pictures or written word. Now with that the video length and first ten seconds are extremely important. But in 2017 YouTube is a primary search engine, second only to it’s owner, Google. So it’s a place of instruction which brings me to number two. I need to be able to accurately demonstrate how to do movements and how to not do movements. My industry more than others leans heavily on video.

So I’m working on my video strategy. Thankfully I’ve been vlogging for awhile and I really enjoy editing videos – but they sure take a long time to publish. I’m inspired by the creativity of Casey Neistat, the documentary approach of Gary Vaynerchuk, and the willingness to publish-before-perfection of John Saddington. Most importantly I’m excited to develop my own voice and brand, and thus my own audience.