Start with Why

I’ve been reading and watching stuff from Simon Sinek lately. His claim to fame is a TEDTalk called “How great leaders inspire action.” It’s forced me to ask the question, “Why do I do what I do?”

I want to help people pursue an active and healthy lifestyle because health is one of our top priorities. We wish for health and wealth. The exercise science shows how beneficial it is to be healthy. Testimonials show that no one every regrets the time they invest in their fitness. We all want to lead a long and healthy life.

But there’s a problem: it takes work. It’s not free. Many will be unsuccessful and in fact two-thirds of us are noticeabley unhealthy and I’m guessing unhappy and unproductive. I’m fascinated with the science of a healthy body and the benefits of a healthy person in society, in the home and in the workplace. I recognize it won’t be for everyone but it’s still my desire to take the message and vision of a healthy lifestyle to the masses starting in the workplace. My goal is to make Madison the healthiest workplace in the United States. I know how to measure it and I know how to build it. Now I need to pursue it.

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