TRX 101: TRX Chest Press + TRX Row

Every session with every client I try to get on the TRX at least once. That’s how versatile and effective suspension training can be. Once you can do a great plank and a great push-up, take that to the TRX and try these two exercises.

The TRX Chest Press is essentially a push-up but elevated and pushing off the straps which are anchored to a single point 8 feet off the ground. This creates a lot of potential for movement so stabilizing is a challenge. That’s why their phrase “all core all the time” is so meaningful. You need to have a great plank throughout both exercises.

The TRX Row is mostly the opposite of the chest press. Hang off the back of the straps, begin retracting the scapula and “pulling back the shoulders” while finishing with pulling the handles to your rib cage. All core all the time, keep that plank. No bouncing at the bottom and no popping your hips to get momentum on the way up.

Build to 10 reps and 3 sets. Have you ever tried TRX suspension training? How often do you work on the TRX?

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